North Carolina repeals HB2

On Thursday, the General Assembly passed a law that repeals House Bill 2 but bans cities and towns from passing anti-discrimination ordinances for about three years. It also gives the state regulation authority over multi-occupancy bathroom and shower facilities. HB2 required people to use the restroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, Republican Senate leader Phil Berger and Republican House Speaker Tim Moore reached a compromise late Wednesday night to repeal the bill ahead of an NCAA deadline. On Thursday, the N.C. Senate voted 32-16 to repeal HB2, while the House supported the repeal by a narrower 70-48 margin. All three Alamance County lawmakers — Republicans Sen. Rick Gunn, Rep. Dennis Riddell and Rep. Stephen Ross — supported the repeal, the Burlington Times-News reported. In a news conference on Thursday evening, Cooper announced he signed the bill into law, saying the state’s “laws are catching up with our people.”

The new law has been met with criticism from all sides of the political spectrum, according to an article from the Raleigh News & Observer. The conservative N.C. Values Coalition said the NCAA had bullied the Legislature into passing the bill. LGBTQ advocacy groups have criticized the bill for placing a three-year moratorium on local governments passing anti-discrimination ordinances. The Human Rights Campaign tweeted Saturday morning that people should demand the NCAA urge North Carolina to pass a “real and meaningful” repeal of HB2. Lawmakers have defended the bill, saying that the criticism signals there was a true compromise between Democrats and Republicans. The NCAA has yet to release a statement about the HB2 repeal.


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